Right mindfulness is the Seventh Element of the Noble Eightfold Path, one of the Buddha’s principal teachings to relieve suffering. Mindfulness is not only moment-to-moment awareness, but moment-to-moment awareness without judgment. It is not detaching oneself from the experience and it is not apathy. Mindfulness allows you to meet your life openly and engage completely without one’s habitual patterns of avoidance or attachment. It is the curious, open-hearted awareness of a child and is part of everyone's being.

At Seventh Element we teach the techniques of mindfulness to help deal with stress and our reactivity to daily situations. We can bring mindfulness to all areas of our life, whether it is eating, working, in relationships or health, allowing us to embrace whatever it is that presents itself….. in this very moment. Contact Priscilla Szneke at Seventh Element to learn how to incorporate these techniques into your daily life. We are located in Jamestown, RI, in Newport County.


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