Stress and its biological effects initiate our innate responses to possible threats. We were wired so that if we saw a saber toothed tiger bearing down on us, we would naturally respond with the fight and flight response, accessing the sympathetic nervous system to release catecholamines and shut down blood to nonvital organs so that other, more vital organs would have more oxygen. But we are no longer threatened by saber toothed tigers. These days we may feel threatened by our work situation (or unemployment), relatives or the holidays. This type of stress becomes chronic and results in dis-ease. Anxiety, depression, and heart disease are only a few manifestations of this dis-ease.

Rather than succumbing to the havoc of stress, you can learn stress reduction techniques and change your relationship to your stress. The result will be a balanced life full of resilience and joy. Join me for a yoga class, or mindful movement class, meditation class, a workshop, MBSR program or call to set up a private session. Programs for small businesses and corporations also available. Call Seventh Element for more information, phone 40l.423.3727 or send an email to Priscilla Szneke.


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