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It’ll soon be the season of giving. At least that’s how it’s referred to. But no matter how we try, we can’t help but notice... Read More

Not Good Enough

We seem to be a nation of people who are “not good enough”. Not pretty/handsome enough, too old, too short, not rich enough, not smart... Read More


I love Pali words. They’re just fun to say! This one means “not self” or “non-self” or “the illusion of self”. The idea is that... Read More

Doing Nothing

Teaching Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR), an eight week program that utilizes different techniques for stress reduction and requires students to do 30 minutes of homework... Read More


When consciousness is calm and open, we rest in equanimity. As our peaceful heart meets other beings, it fills with love. When this love meets... Read More