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The Art and Science of Mindful Living

Not Good Enough

“We can’t hate ourselves into a version of ourselves we can love.” ~Lori Deschene

Not Good Enough

We seem to be a nation of people who are “not good enough”. Not pretty/handsome enough, too old, too short, not rich enough, not smart enough, not whatever enough. And when that thought goes through our minds again and again, we  start to believe it and then start to hate ourselves. Depression, perfectionism, and anxiety may all be manifestations of our desire to cope with not being good enough.

Where did we get this idea that we aren’t good enough? Who told us that we weren’t good enough and why did we believe them and still continue to believe them? Everyone is good enough! Yes, everyone!

Sunita (Suni) Williams is a female U.S. Navy captain and International Space Station Commander that could have been caught up in the “not good enough” syndrome, but she didn’t.

When Suni was young, she wanted to be a veterinarian, but didn’t get accepted into a program. One might say she wasn’t good enough.

Her brother suggested she apply to the US Naval Academy because she liked to camp and they did camping there. (Not much, I imagine, since it’s the Navy, but that’s another story.)

She applied and was accepted. When Suni graduated, she wanted to be a diver, but because her grade point average was in the middle of the class, the spots were all taken. One might say she wasn’t good enough?

She decided to go to Military Aviation School instead to be a Top Gun, but was told to fly helicopters instead. She flew in a variety of places including Operation Desert Shield.  Was she not good enough to be a Top Gun?

Suni was curious how helicopters worked and so went to Florida to pursue her interest and ended up applying to be an astronaut. She was accepted.

She now holds the records for total spacewalks by a woman and most spacewalk time for a woman. No records that beat the men; is she not good enough?

Suni could have gotten caught up in not being good enough when she applied to schools to pursue her dream of being a vet or at any point in her life. But she didn’t and guess what – she turned out to be more than good enough!!

“We can’t hate ourselves into a version of ourselves we can love.”
~Lori Deschene