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It’ll soon be the season of giving. At least that’s how it’s referred to. But no matter how we try, we can’t help but notice... Read More

Not Good Enough

We seem to be a nation of people who are “not good enough”. Not pretty/handsome enough, too old, too short, not rich enough, not smart... Read More

Ethical Principles

Dukkha is a Pali word that is classically defined as suffering. But dukkha can also be translated as anxiety, stress, and unsatisfactoriness. It is found... Read More


Oh, the stories we tell…. Proliferation of thoughts (papanca in Pali) plagues all of us. We have an experience that is biased by different causes... Read More


The Merriam-Webster on-line dictionary defines “contented” as a “feeling or showing satisfaction with one’s possessions, status, or situation”. Contentment requires that we are here in... Read More

Mindfulness Mania

Because I teach mindfulness, I’m always aware of any references to mindfulness or meditation, whether it is in the medical literature, in the news, magazines,... Read More