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Where Is Your Attention?

“Attention shapes the brain." Rick Hanson

Where Is Your Attention?

Lately, I’ve really been noticing what I am paying attention to. Noticing how my crabbiness in this moment affects my interaction with my husband in the next moment. Getting caught up in anxiety about something, which creates resistance to my medical appointment. Noticing how ickky it feels to be annoyed at someone. Noticing how my life seems to flow when I let it go! Noticing what generosity feels like in my body. Noticing when I get triggered. Just noticing…..

“Whatever we focus upon actually wires our neurons. For example, pessimistic people see setbacks and unhappy events as Personal (It’s worst for me), Pervasive (Everything is now worse) and Permanent (It will always be this way) according to Learned Optimism author Marty Seligman. Yet, with practice, he found that we can learn to focus more attention on the positive possibilities in situations to craft a redemptive narrative of our life story. Consciously changing what you pay attention to can rewire your brain from a negative orientation to a positive one. “Attention shapes the brain,” as Rick Hanson says in Buddha’s Brain.” (paragraph taken from the Harvard Business Review What Captures Your Attention Controls Your Life by Kare Anderson 6/5/2012)

Where is your attention?

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