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MBSR, Workshops, RI, Seventh Element, Priscilla Szneke

We can apply mindfulness principles to all areas of life,
such as eating, socializing, exercising
-- even to the words that we speak.

Mindfulness is an antidote
to the unconscious, reactive
way of living.

Welcome to
Workshops 2018


Combining the concepts of modern cognitive science with ancient mindfulness techniques, Seventh Element, located in Rhode Island, offers programs, such as MBSR, and a variety of workshops to help you decrease stress and develop mindful awareness practices. I will continue to offer relevant and interesting opportunities to the community in 2018, as well as continue to teach in corporations, research settings and to private groups.



At the heart of Insight Meditation is the practice of Mindfulness, a practice of moment-to-moment observation, which cultivates a clear, stable and non-judgmental awareness. While mindfulness practice can be highly effective in helping bring calm and clarity to the pressures of daily life, it is also a path that gradually dissolves the barriers to the full development of our wisdom and compassion. Insight Meditation or Vipassana, is a simple technique, beginning with focusing the attention on the breath. This practice helps to concentrate and calm the mind.

During this introductory course, the basic instructions in insight meditation will be given and includes starting with a focus on mindfulness of breathing, and then cultivating mindfulness of the body, of emotions, of thoughts, of mind and will cover the application of mindfulness in daily life and on retreats.

The program begins January 8th and is six weeks in length. Hours are 5 pm to 6:30 pm. We will meet in the Self-care Sanctuary at Gather  located at 312 Broadway in Newport, RI. Gather is an apothecary, tea bar and clinic and includes a beautiful meeting space. The cost of the program is $95; cash or check only. Please contact Priscilla at if you have questions and to register.


This new program, designed specifically for college students is a highly participatory and experiential course presented in a way that is accessible and workable for those students with a full schedule. Weekly meetings include instruction in mindfulness meditation practice, breathing techniques and the body scan.

This program is scheduled for Tuesdays, from January 23 through February 13 from 3 pm to 4:15 pm at All That Matters in PROVIDENCE, RI. Please contact All That Matters at 401-782-2126 to sign up.


The Ten Perfections of the Heart, or The Paramis, are viewed as the essential qualities to cultivate for liberation and they can be developed in our daily life. They provide a template for the mind’s energies and activities, encompassing our talking and working, our relationships and interactions with others, our times of private introspection, our decision-making and the forming of our life directions.The paramis include generosity, virtue, renunciation, discernment or wisdom, energy, patience, truthfulness, resolve, kindness, and equanimity.

Join us for the experiential learning of these qualities; we will take one parami each month, explore what our relationship is to it, and set the intention to live our life with that parami as a guide. We will use Ajahn Sucitto’s Parami book, which is free and downloadable. The sessions will be facilitated by Priscilla Szneke.

The program begins June 8th, will include 10 sessions and is scheduled for the second Thursday of the month from 10 am to 11 am. We will meet in the Self-care Sanctuary at Gather  located at 312 Broadway in Newport, RI. Gather is an apothecary, tea bar and clinic and includes a beautiful meeting space. This is a donation only class. Please contact Priscilla at if you have questions and to sign up.

Sitting meditation, mindful movement, and loving kindness, are powerful for me. They help me focus and realize what is important and rather than focus on the negative, explore the positive, the possibilities.
D.E.O – student 2015


I am much more aware of my thoughts, feelings, and responses. With awareness I’m making better self-care choices. Priscilla is a great facilitator because she embodies what she teaches.
S.R.C. – student 2015


Registration for MBSR is now CLOSED. The next program will be offered in the Spring of 2018. Dates will be posted as soon as they are available.

The MBSR program will be held at All That Matters in South Kingstown, RI. There is a mandatory orientation, eight weeks of classes lasting two and one-half hours each and a Day of Mindfulness, which will be held at the East Greenwich, RI studio. The dates will be posted soon.

For more information about MBSR, please go to the MBSR page by clicking here.

Offered at All That Matters in South Kingstown, RI.


Based on the Eat Right Now Program.

The Eat Right Now program will help you rewire your brain to identify stress and emotional eating patterns, reduce cravings and build sustainable, healthy habits, naturally. The program is designed to fit into your life with app-based daily lessons, craving-specific tools to use when they happen, supportive community and expert coaching. Priscilla is a Qualified ERN (Eat Right Now) Facilitator having completed the training at the Center for Mindfulness under the direction of Judson Brewer, MD, PhD.

For more information about Mindful Eating and the Eat Right Now program, please go to the Mindful Eating page by clicking here.